We accompany and advise you and your company when it comes to the implementation and usage of AI. We help you to assess your organization’s readiness to build and adopt your operational foundation for AI, from first steps to future-proof.

AI Readiness & Maturity

We assess your maturity to use AI in a specific domain and provide you with an action plan of how to get ready to use the desired AI.

AI Risks & Data Bias

We support you in identifying the inherent and external risks of using AI in general or a specific AI solution, or review your underlying training data for bias.

AI Policies & Measures

We work with you to develop internal AI policies, support on designing impact assessments, or build audit catalogues and frameworks.

AI Training & Communication

We offer trainings to educate employees on AI, raise awareness for potential risks of AI. Furthermore, we help you to develop communication approaches to explain your AI systems to customers and clients.