We assess the readiness for using AI in a specific domain or provide you with a benchmark on the maturity of your AI ecosystem.

AI Readiness Check

We help you to assess your company’s maturity when it comes to the development & usage of AI.

When performing an AI ecosystem readiness assessment of your company we ask questions such as: Who is responsible for the overall governance of AI in your organization? What support mechanisms do you have to enable people to improve the conduct of their organisation? Are there any perverse incentives or other activities that may undermine any strategies put in place to answer the first four questions?.

Benchmark Assessment

We help you benchmark your maturity when it comes to AI against  competitors and your industry.

Depending on your needs, we focus either on specific processes or your strategy as a whole around AI. Process benchmarking is about better understanding your processes and to increase efficiency. By benchmarking how your competitors perform a process, you can find ways to make your processes more efficient. Strategic benchmarking is about comparing your business model and business approach to strengthen your strategy. The objective is to evaluate what makes specific companies successful when it comes to the usage of AI. 

There cannot be a universal algorithmic assessment checklist or a fully automated review process. We will tailor each assessment to your needs as the context and business environment is a key component of your AI ecosystem. 

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