We work with you to develop internal AI policies, support on designing impact assessments, or build audit catalogues and frameworks.

Algorithm Impact Assessment

We work with you to develop and set up a continuous internal AI impact assessment.

 We accompany and advice you and your company in the procurement of AI with the perspective of ethical alorithmic decision processes and help you to avoid unwanted effects on society already in advance through comprehensive edcucating and testing frameworks.


Benefits of an Algorithm Impact Assessment (AIS)

Internal AI Guidelines

We work with you to develop internal AI guidelines and advise you in the development of an internal AI audit framework.

Our approach is centered around four established AI management principles: accountability, fairness, transparency, and responsibility. We help you to develop guidelines addressing topics like:

  • AI governance
  • Identifying and handling AI risks
  • AI supervision and reporting
  • Implementing an AI Culture of Integrity

Project steps