The AI ecosystem consultancy.

Developing, implementing or applying an AI solution can be challenging as a multitude of factors needs to be taken into account. At Algotrust we support you with contextual knowledge, scientific skills, and appropriate resources to evaluate the socio-technical AI ecosystems of your solutions.

We believe

in the potential of AI but are aware that the associated risks need to be identified and taken into account as well.

We understand

AI not only as a technology, but as part of a socio-technical ecosystem encompassing social and societal aspects as well.

We support

you in building a Culture of AI and an AI Infrastructure of Trust for all involved parties.

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The Problem

AI systems are …

… not only technical but socio-technical systems, i.e. a system that spans hardware, software, data, personal, and community aspects.

… always context dependent and therefore the quality of AI systems can never be assessed generally by the procedure itself, but always only by applying an understanding of the social structures, roles and rights to inform the design of systems that involve communities of people and technology.

Early recognition of unintended consequences when using algorithmic decision systems drastically reduces the risk of possible follow-up costs. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask for our professional support and assistance, if possible right at the beginning of your planning, so that we can provide you with a tailor-made offer!

The Solution

AlgoTrust offer the special skills, contextual knowledge and appropriate resources that are required to test socio-technical AI systems in your company.  

We accompany and advise you, your company or governmental institution professionally in the procurement of artificial intelligence with the perspective of ethical algorithmic decision processes and help you to avoid unwanted effects on society already in advance through comprehensive education.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support you in building an infrastructure of trust within your company that is compliant with globally designed, developed and applied AI compliance regulations.


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AI Technology User

Companies that use external vendors AI technology and want to ensure that algorithms do not compromise the trust you have built with your clients and employees.

AI Technology Provider

Companies that develop or provide AI technology that mitigates reputational and compliance risk, and better aligns with your values.


CxOs strategizing to adopt machine learning and AI in their operations and across their business.

Policy makers

Public agencies who want to strike a balance between supporting the development of AI technologies and managing risks.

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